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Silent Journey

Iz's Story
Doreen Perrine

Fran Walker

Games With Chance
Andi Marquette

Backup Plan
Jess Sandoval

Darby O'Neil

Who's In Charge?

Water Rites
Mary Douglas



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I'm not sure how it happened, but our October issue has been assimilated by an entity of the Internet. One minute I'm reading submissions for upcoming issues and then the next thing I know, all the accepted stories are by writers from a collective called the Lesbian Fiction Forum. To paraphrase Wikipedia, "They operate towards a single-minded purpose: to incorporate biological and technological distinctiveness to their own work, in pursuit of perfection." Their home world is "A Meeting Place for Lovers of LesFic."

Here's where you can find their cube: but don't tell Species 8472!

"Silent Journey" by DeJay will soften every Borg's heart and bring a tear to any humanoid.

"Iz's Story" by Doreen Perrine questions the prime directive on whether valuable things are worth waiting for.

Fran Walker's "Communion" offers a paradox to family values.

"Games With Chance" by Andi Marquette takes us to a distant quadrant filled with strange new worlds, deceit and old friends.

"Backup Plan" by Jess Sandoval shows even the best laid plans require assistance.

Darby O'Neil explores new frontiers in her tale, "Bridgework."

More softening of the nanoprobes in DeJay's "Who's In Charge?"

Starfleet rules and festival contests deserve a second look in "Water Rights" by Mary Douglas

And the Borg queen, L-J Baker has a new book coming out this fall called Adijan and Her Genie from Nuance Books.

Enjoy! Resistance is futile!!


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