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Silent Journey

Iz's Story
Doreen Perrine

Fran Walker

Games With Chance
Andi Marquette

Backup Plan
Jess Sandoval

Darby O'Neil

Who's In Charge?

Water Rites
Mary Douglas



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"Officer, I'd like to report a crime . . . We've been assimilated. Yes, a-si-mi-la-ted by a group called the Lesbian Fiction Forum but they're really a Borg collective . . . No. I haven't been drinking . . . Much . . ."

By the time I figured out this heinous crime, it was too late. Under their mind control, I invited other members of the collecive, uh, forum to submit a story for this issue. Before I knew it, we had a double-sized issue on our hands.

I have a confession to make. I was already a member of the forum, and our artist-typesetter-Webmaster-assistant editor and general bottle washer C.A. Casey was soon after assimilated.

Besides that pesky mind-controlling assimilation stuff, it's a joy to chat and work with such a fun group of women who are serious about the craft of writing. There's a lot of talent there . . . So much talent, that we've also signed books by several forum members.

With the exception of Claudia's column, everything in this issue--writing, editing, layout, typesetting, HTML-ing, artwork--was done by members of the LFF. All the ads are for books by members of the forum.

So please don't resist and enjoy and don't forget to pay respect to the Borg Queen, L-J Baker.


(c) 2008 Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company