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New Year, Old Ideas

Stephen D. Rogers

My Father is a Lesbian
Sharon Hadrian

The Second Coming of K'Miel
T.J. MIndancer

The Old Woman
Q. Kelly

Excerpt from Into the Yellow
Barbara Davies



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This is the sixth issue of Khimairal Ink. We went into this venture without any expectations beyond simply thinking it would be a neat thing to do. Putting together issues have been easier than I had envisioned. We always seem to get enough submissions that capture our attention and imaginations.

Our circle of readership and authors increases with each issue. Khimairal Ink is an organic ever changing entity and while the look may change, the quality of the stories remains at the highest level possible.

While working on this issue, I kept thinking, "Something’s missing." Trish Ellis's artwork is missing. She never believed me when I'd tell her that she'd eventually be so much in demand that she wouldn't have time for us. But that's what happened and we’re proud to have helped a talented artist build a business out of what she loves to do.

We have some newcomers to this issue. What I like are the contributors who stretch their imaginations to pen a story for us that combines their preferred genres and our guidelines. Stephen D. Rogers has carved out a niche as a mystery writer and he's brought that genre to our pages with "Intermittant."

Sharon Hadrian gives us an entertaining piece of flash fiction with "My Father is a Lesbian" that pokes fun at how we as a society love to jump to conclusions. T.J. Mindancer gives us a rare serious piece based in her favorite fantasy world, Emoria, with "The Second Coming of K'Miel."

"The Old Woman" by Q. Kelly takes us on one woman's personal journey that begins with a crazy dare.

Our mother company Bedazzled Ink has published a wonderful collection of stories by Barbara Davies and we've included an excerpt from the title story of the collection, "Into the Yellow."

I hope you enjoy this issue.


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