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New Year, Old Ideas

Stephen D. Rogers

My Father is a Lesbian
Sharon Hadrian

The Second Coming of K'Miel
T.J. MIndancer

The Old Woman
Q. Kelly

Excerpt from Into the Yellow
Barbara Davies



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Welcome to a new year! Hope this one brings only the best to your life. I have to admit, writing this issue's introduction was not as easy as some of the others. I did not want to use clichés and write about how a new year offers a fresh start or how it can bring changes in a life. Even worse would be recapping the old year and saying how the new year will be even better. So . . . the only, obvious thing to write about is . . . the great stories in this issue of Khimairal Ink!

January's selections capture the essence of our submission statement. " . . . the stories we most enjoy are positive, thought-provoking, and clever." First time contributor, Stephen D. Rogers has penned the clever who-dun-it, "Intermittent," while another newbie, Sharon Hadrian's funny flash fiction piece, "My Father is a Lesbian," is certain to invoke your own scientific studies. T.J. Mindancer has graciously added to her Emoria world with a thought-provoking tale about obligation and choices, while Q. Kelly's exquisitely told story, "The Old Woman," offers a different perspective about true love and second chances. We are fortunate to have an excerpt from Barbara Davies' new book, Into the Yellow and Other Stories. Barbara has been one of our favorite contributors to Khimairal Ink and her collection of stories is superb.

By the time this issue hits cyber-space, we will have over 300,000 hits to Khimairal Ink. Once again, I'd like to thank the readers of the Merwolf Pack, the Academy of Bards, and our speculative fiction fans for their interest and continued support. I am encouraged by the number of quality of submissions we have been receiving. However, with growth comes inevitable change. Our outstanding artist, Trish Ellis, has found her business booming and will be devoting her time to the many projects lined up for her. We would like to thank Trish for all her wonderful illustrations that made Khimairal Ink so distinctive. But this means we will be tweaking the format and design of upcoming issues. The excellence of our writers will remain high and we hope you enjoy the new look.

We will have a booth at the Xena Convention on January 12-14, 2007 in Burbank, so if you are there, stop by and say hello!

See you next issue!


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