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New Year, Old Ideas

Stephen D. Rogers

My Father is a Lesbian
Sharon Hadrian

The Second Coming of K'Miel
T.J. MIndancer

The Old Woman
Q. Kelly

Excerpt from Into the Yellow
Barbara Davies



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Stephen D. Rogers
Over three hundred of Stephen’s stories and poems have been selected to appear in more than a hundred publications. His website,, includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information.

Sharon Hadrian
Sharon Hadrian was born and raised in a tiny, homogenous own outside of Baltimore, Maryland. She has written everything from rock operas and screenplays to movie reviews and children’s books. Now a staff writer at, these days Sharon can be found crafting more serious works, particularly those related to diversity and minority visibility. She is also the founder and senior editor of Antithesis Common, a literary magazine with a diversity slant. She currently resides in England.

T.J. Mindancer
As fictional as her fantasy stories, T.J. Mindancer is a figment of C.A. Casey's imagination and Casey takes no responsibility for what Mindancer forces her to write. Mindancer roams the World of Emoria. Visit Mindancer Press for information on newly published editions of her Tales of Emoria. Casey's writings include articles in library journals and in Strange Horizons, and stories in Aoife's Kiss and Beyond Centauri. She also penned two novels for kids, Dragon Drool and Top of the Key.

Q. Kelly
Q. Kelly is an editor living in Froot Loop Land, Virginia. She has won numerous short-story and journalism competitions. She’s also authored several novels and is in the process of finding roosting places for them. She loves flirting, mocha Frappucinos and royal families. You can e-mail her at

Barbara Davies
Barbara Davies published her first short story in 1994. Since then, more than forty of her stories have appeared in various magazines, including Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Rage Machine Magazine, Farthing, Electric Spec, and Here and Now, and in several anthologies, including Ideomancer Unbound and F/SF Volume 1. The readers of Kimota gave one of her stories their 1999 Best Story Award.

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