What's in a name? We spent a lot of time finding the perfect name for our first venture into publishing. We can see your raised eyebrows. Khimairal Ink? We're not crazy. Really.

Khimairal Ink Magazine [ISSN 1939-3393] is devoted to fiction that celebrates strong female ideals and the feminist spirit, so we began our search for a name in Ancient Greece, home of the Amazons. We discarded the possible Amazon names and selected "Chimera" because its definition matches our vision of what we wanted this new magazine to be. We want to be unique -- "fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail." We want to expand the boundaries of female-oriented literature -- "an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts." Most of all, we want our authors to create magic with their words -- "an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially : an unrealizable dream." We chose the Greek spelling to keep with the concept of being unique.

Khimairal Ink is currently on hiatus but the back issues are available to read and enjoy. The format is a full-color pdf e-zine that you can can download for free or view through Issuu.

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