Bink Books

Put your feet up and read.

A cozy corner by the fireplace for fiction and poetry that does not fit specific genres

Dragonfeather Books

If you can imagine a dragonfeather, then you can imagine a Dragonfeather Book.

A dragonfeather is enchanting and provocative, and Dragonfeather Books fuel the imaginative fire in children.

Fletching Books

Put down the book and go out and play!

We love sports. That’s about all that needs to be said about having an imprint devoted to sports. We are especially partial to women in sports and nonfiction and fiction books about unique athletes and unique sports.

Rogue Books

Playing hooky from the boss

An eclectic mix of nonfiction books that we found interesting.

Mindancer Press

Books that are out of this world

Our speculative fiction imprint. We're partial to fantasy, science fiction, and science-fantasy.


Books with a Sapphic twist

Books that appeal to a smaller, yet appreciative readership of works for and about women.